Welcome to The Knack of Selling – Sales Training for Business.

Does your business need some realigning with your sales strategy?

Does your business need a shift in Culture?

Do you offer your sales staff training?

Does your business need an on-boarding program for new or veteran sales staff?

The Knack of Selling offers all of the above.

Follow the 3 step Sales Training process to get the best out of your sales staff.

Step 1 – Purchase copies of my book (detailed below) for all your sales team.

Step 2 – Allow 4 weeks for your staff to read and then highlight action points from the book. (Reading 1.5 hours, Re-reading and highlighting 1.5hours).

Step 3 – Engage me to conduct a Zoom seminar or face-to-face training session with all your sales staff to discuss all that is The Knack of Selling, with follow up outcomes to continue the learning process.

We are never to old to learn!

Read more about the book below:

Just like cars, salespeople need to be serviced and well-tuned.

The Knack of Selling: 10 Steps to Selling the Australian Way will bring you back to the basics of selling to make you the best salesperson possible.

In The Knack of Selling, Mathew Harrington shares the experience and knowledge he’s gathered over 26 years in sales. The book can help prospective sales people, as well as people already in existing sales roles, whatever their industry.

Mathew was inspired to write The Knack of Selling when he realised there are currently few books by Australian authors that go into detail about the face-to-face selling process and all that goes with it in Australia.

With his passion for selling and lifelong career in sales, it made sense for Mathew to put pen to paper and encourage Australians to take on a sales career or develop in an existing sales position.

Mathew’s skills and success in selling helps businesses, their sales management and staff to step up to the next level in all aspects of the selling process. Twenty-six years of successful selling experience allows Mathew to advise his clients and readers, with the focus being on understanding the steps from The Knack of Selling, setting goals and taking action. He is honest, results driven, passionate and motivated and encourages salespeople to develop these key strengths so they can turn every new challenge into an opportunity.

Knack of Selling
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Ankit Murgunde
Ankit Murgunde
Great book... 👌🏻Simple to read and understand.
Stephanie Jasmine Hanley
Stephanie Jasmine Hanley
Mathew, what an amazing achievement! What an amazing and helpful book!!! I’m so proud of this accomplishment!!! This... is a great way for anyone already in the roll or wanting to work in this roll to get some insider knowledge!!!Loved it!!!!!read more
Gareth Mack
Gareth Mack
Great easy to read book. Loved the content and experience Mat lends from his years of sales experience in the sales... world. Definitely worth your time if you're already in, or looking to get into sales - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read more

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10 easy-to-follow steps

This book will help many Australians take the plunge into the exciting challenge of sales or develop in their current role and prosper from the results.

Effective sales needs a human touch

Learn how to build the real personal connections at the heart of the most rewarding business relationships.


Years of Sales Experience

Just like mastering any art form, perfecting the skills involved in selling takes time and effort.


Sales Representative of the Year Awards

With two different companies.


Are you looking for a cost-effective way to educate your sales staff?
Do you struggle to get past the gatekeeper to get to the decision-maker?
Do you offer value before price?

Building business relationships

Australians are social people; we love to interact with each other. Business transactions are built on trust and relationships made over time.

  • Customers want to know they are making the right buying decision, and the role of the salesperson is to confirm this and make the decision for them.

  • Customers are also the lifeblood of one’s business, and must be looked after in the right way.

How does it work?

What are the next steps to take?

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