Hi Mat

I have read your book and I must say what a great read, the book sets out the basic guide lines for those looking to enter the sales field, or for those of us who have been in the electrical sales area (Wholesale & Manufacturing) a reminder of some of the basic tools we may have forgotten.

Each chapter is basically like a lesson plan, with how to achieve the outcome desired and the steps you take to get a positive result.
The great thing about this book is it also takes you through the steps to understand how to accept and learn from a negative result (and we have all had them…..)
With every day examples of what a sales rep encounters, and how to plan for the desired outcome.
In my opinion this book ticks all the right boxes.
The final section in the book, gives you a brief but complete summary of each chapter as a reference point.

I would strongly recommend this book to any one looking to move up into sales as a blueprint for your pathway.
As a manager I would use this book as a sales tool for my team, or any member of staff looking to step up into sales.
I would also use the web based training videos as part of my sales meetings.
We are never to old to learn.

Alan Turner, Big Ideas Company

Mat Harrington is an awesome salesman!!….As someone who runs a corporate training business with a focus on sales , he is up there with the best . Old fashioned , relationship based and ending up with long term happy clients. His book tells of his experiences and is an easy read…with practical tips – so if you are in a Sales role , especially ‘out on the road’ , then have a read !! Well done Mat.

Andrew Cole, Tick
Knack of Selling, finished reading this morning on the flight back to albury. Wish I had this book for my MBA and marketing studies. Also great professional messages, and a must for starters in sales. Great work Mat, well written and a great read, keep up the great work!
Rodney Howell