Mat Harrington from the Knack of Selling has recently been engaged by Trader to assist us with the inducting of new sales people in Business Development roles.

Mat’s passion for sales, delivery, content and simple tricks and tips (basics often lost or overlooked) are very well presented by Mat as he draws from his supplier and distribution B2B selling skills and experience – 20 plus years of learning his own craft in the field.

The on-boarding process conducted across several sessions he steps new staff through, enables our business to offer a trusted third party resource, where new staff can explore areas of uncertainty and ask vulnerable questions in a safe environment with an experienced trusted advisor so our people grow and develop quickly. This service enhances the ongoing development and coaching provided by our own Managers to all sales team members.

The Knack of Selling Program is a practical service and a cost effective investment for our business which we will be using again in the future with new staff.

Paul McFarlane | Sales Director, GSM Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd – Home of the ‘Trader’ Brand

Inspirational speaker who can help or make good suggestions to try, for practical day-to-day issues in sales. Thanks for your keen support and interest in our business and sales support moving forward.

John Moody | Sales Manager, SafePak Industrial Supplies
Mat was good, wasn’t pushy and I believe the one on ones will be very beneficial.
Les Moody | Sales Consultant , SafePak Industrial Supplies